Kingdom Mission

Building Restorative Communities

Empowering the local Church to do global missions.

AWKNG Alliance works to bring like-minded churches and ministries of all sizes and backgrounds together as equals at our table. Together, we link our resources with trusted indigenous partners to build restorative communities around the world. While many churches do not have the resources to support a missions department or lack trusted connections across the globe with which they might partner, AWKNG Alliance provides a healthy and vibrant missions environment where churches and indigenous ministries learn and grow from one another, form lasting bonds, and share resources to advance our common God-given mission. 







Living on Mission is a workshop created for your Church to equip believers to effectively carry out the mission of Jesus.



This three-fold approach will empower you to activate and aid your missions culture in your church.

Multiplying Our Resources

By becoming an AWKNG Alliance Partner, we pool our common resources together to innovate ways to reduce logistical costs and maximize sustainable kingdom impact––all while keeping administrative costs among the lowest in the non-profit sector. Instead of building a well in Africa, by partnering with AWKNG Alliance, you can be a part of an effort to build multiple and fund local employment opportunities to maintain them. Simply put: we can do more together than any of us could on our own.

Short-Term Missions Reimagined

We’ve reimagined short-term missions (STM) for the 21st century. The days of parachuting into a random location for a week only to never visit it again are behind us. We strategically plan our STM with our indigenous partners so that you’re not only able to take your congregation on trips that provide ministry opportunities that cultivate a heart for missions in your church, but you develop cross-cultural friendships that last a lifetime. What’s more, we hold “Reverse Short-Term Missions” trips or “RSTMs”, where our brothers and sisters in the majority world come to the West to impart wisdom and insight so we might learn and grow from them. Missiological research is increasingly showing that this combination of STM and RSTM ministry is crucial for fostering mutuality between the church in the West and the church in the majority world.

Multiplying Our Resources

With AWKNG Alliance, we believe that missional work should be rooted in local place. That’s why we’ve launched our restorative communities initiative––a commitment to foster embassies of New Creation around the world that bring God’s people together on mission, redeem land, resource for human flourishing, and cultivate thriving and sustainable ecosystems of hope that meet both the tangible and intangible needs of local people.

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Building Restorative Communities